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Are you searching for quality healthcare for you and your family in New York? Look no further than T Temple Family Care. We offer primary healthcare services through our certified nurse practitioners to ensure you receive the medical attention you need at an affordable price.

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Primary Care Service

Benefits of Primary Care

Primary care is an essential component of healthcare. It focuses on preventative care and managing chronic conditions. By receiving regular primary care, you can quickly catch health problems and manage existing conditions. This can help prevent serious health problems from developing.

In addition to preventing health problems, primary care can also help you stay healthy in other ways. Your nurse practitioner can guide you on healthy living, such as nutrition and exercise. They can also provide immunizations to help prevent illness.

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The Benefits

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High-Quality Healthcare for All

At T Temple Family Care, our mission is to provide quality healthcare at an affordable price to all New Yorkers. Everyone deserves access to quality medical care, regardless of socioeconomic status. Our pricing structure reflects this, allowing everyone to receive high-quality medical care.

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Certified Nurse Practitioners

Our certified nurse practitioner provides primary care services to all of our patients. We have advanced education and training in primary care, which means We can diagnose and treat various medical conditions. Our nurse practitioners are also able to prescribe medications and order diagnostic tests.

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Telehealth Platform

T Temple Family Care offers primary care services through our telehealth platform. This means you can schedule and attend appointments from the comfort of your home. You only need an internet connection and a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. Our telehealth platform makes it easy for you to receive medical care without leaving your home or taking time off work.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling an appointment with T Temple Family Care is simple. You can book a single or ongoing appointment through our website. Once you've scheduled your appointment, you can connect with your certified nurse practitioner through our telehealth platform. Our process is as easy as setting an appointment and making a call.

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